Ruffing's Tree Farm

- How tall are your trees for 2023?

We have a limited selection this year due to the number of trees sold over the past few seasons.  It is going to take a few years until the smaller trees get into the 6'-8' range.  Currently, our trees go up to around 7', but the taller trees are pretty picked over.   I would not recommend driving too far to visit our farm this year.

- What types of trees do you have?

We have blue spruce and white spruce.  We also have just a few red pine.

- Do you have fir trees?

No.  We have tried to grow various kinds of fir trees, but the deer in the area love them.  Our white spruce are not as soft as a fir tree, but they have shorter and softer needles than blue spruce.

- Are all of your trees really $34?


- Are there any extra charges?

We charge $1 if you would like your tree baled.  There are no other charges.

- Can we walk through the fields by ourselves and cut a tree?


- Can I cut a tree with a tag on it?

If it is a red tag, no.  If the tag is any other color, yes.  A red tag means that the tree has been reserved.  There are usually very few, if any, of these in the fields.  The other tags are just from us trying to straighten the leader on some of the trees.  These can be cut.

- What if I would like to pick one from the field, but I need assistance?

We are more than happy to help.  We will cut and bring the tree back for you.

- How long have the cut trees been cut?

We don't cut any trees until the Friday after Thanksgiving.  We try not to cut too many in advance, so most are cut no longer than a week before they sell.

- Do you shake the trees?

Sort of.  We do not have a machine, but upon request I am capable of giving a tree a good work over.

- Which tree holds their needles better?

Blue spruce hold their needles better than white spruce.  White spruce will still do well as long as you make a fresh cut and don't let it run out of water.

- What do I need to do to take care of my tree?

The Tree Care page lists the steps that I recommend.

- Do you sell anything other than trees?

My wife and daughter make wreaths by hand.

- Can I bring my dog?

Sure, pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash.

- What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or check.  We do not take credit or debit cards.

- Can you help tie the tree to my car?

Yes.  We have extra twine that you can use, or we can tie the tree to your vehicle for you.

- Do you sell live/balled trees?

Sorry, we do not.

- Do I have to pay sales tax?

The sales tax is included in the price of the tree.

- Do you have trees available for wholesale?

We do not sell trees wholesale.  Our focus is on providing trees at a reasonable price to our retail customers.